CFTManager covers all AWS Services for Tags Validation


Not sure about AWS Services that support Tags, use CFTManager to verify if tagging is done as expected.

AWS Service and Data Type List that support Tags –

AmazonMQ Broker
AmazonMQ Configuration
Amplify App
Amplify Branch
ApiGateway ApiKey
ApiGateway ClientCertificate
ApiGateway DomainName
ApiGateway RestApi
ApiGateway Stage
ApiGateway UsagePlan
ApiGatewayV2 Api
ApiGatewayV2 DomainName
ApiGatewayV2 Stage
AppMesh Mesh
AppMesh Route
AppMesh VirtualNode
AppMesh VirtualRouter
AppMesh VirtualService
AppStream Fleet
AppStream ImageBuilder
AppStream Stack
AppSync GraphQLApi
AutoScaling AutoScalingGroup
CertificateManager Certificate
CloudFormation Stack
CloudFront Distribution
CloudTrail Trail
CodeBuild Project
CodeCommit Repository
CodePipeline CustomActionType
CodePipeline Pipeline
CodeStarNotifications NotificationRule
DAX Cluster
DMS Endpoint
DMS EventSubscription
DMS ReplicationInstance
DMS ReplicationSubnetGroup
DMS ReplicationTask
DocDB DBCluster
DocDB DBClusterParameterGroup
DocDB DBInstance
DocDB DBSubnetGroup
DynamoDB Table
EC2 CustomerGateway
EC2 DHCPOptions
EC2 Instance
EC2 InternetGateway
EC2 NatGateway
EC2 NetworkAcl
EC2 NetworkInterface
EC2 RouteTable
EC2 SecurityGroup
EC2 Subnet
EC2 TrafficMirrorFilter
EC2 TrafficMirrorSession
EC2 TrafficMirrorTarget
EC2 TransitGateway
EC2 TransitGatewayAttachment
EC2 TransitGatewayRouteTable
EC2 VPCPeeringConnection
EC2 VPNConnection
EC2 VPNGateway
EC2 Volume
ECR Repository
ECS Cluster
ECS Service
ECS TaskDefinition
EMR Cluster
ElastiCache CacheCluster
ElastiCache ReplicationGroup
ElasticBeanstalk Environment
ElasticLoadBalancing LoadBalancer
ElasticLoadBalancingV2 LoadBalancer
ElasticLoadBalancingV2 TargetGroup
Elasticsearch Domain
FSx FileSystem
Glue Crawler
Glue DevEndpoint
Glue Job
Glue Trigger
Glue Workflow
Greengrass ConnectorDefinition
Greengrass CoreDefinition
Greengrass DeviceDefinition
Greengrass FunctionDefinition
Greengrass Group
Greengrass LoggerDefinition
Greengrass ResourceDefinition
Greengrass SubscriptionDefinition
IAM Role
IoTAnalytics Channel
IoTAnalytics Dataset
IoTAnalytics Datastore
IoTAnalytics Pipeline
IoTEvents DetectorModel
IoTEvents Input
Kinesis Stream
Lambda Function
MSK Cluster
MediaConvert JobTemplate
MediaConvert Preset
MediaConvert Queue
MediaLive Channel
MediaLive Input
MediaLive InputSecurityGroup
Neptune DBCluster
Neptune DBClusterParameterGroup
Neptune DBInstance
Neptune DBParameterGroup
Neptune DBSubnetGroup
OpsWorks Layer
OpsWorks Stack
Pinpoint App
Pinpoint Campaign
Pinpoint EmailTemplate
Pinpoint PushTemplate
Pinpoint Segment
Pinpoint SmsTemplate
PinpointEmail ConfigurationSet
PinpointEmail DedicatedIpPool
PinpointEmail Identity
QLDB Ledger
RAM ResourceShare
RDS DBCluster
RDS DBClusterParameterGroup
RDS DBInstance
RDS DBParameterGroup
RDS DBSecurityGroup
RDS DBSubnetGroup
RDS OptionGroup
Redshift Cluster
Redshift ClusterParameterGroup
Redshift ClusterSecurityGroup
Redshift ClusterSubnetGroup
RoboMaker Fleet
RoboMaker Robot
RoboMaker RobotApplication
RoboMaker SimulationApplication
Route53Resolver ResolverEndpoint
Route53Resolver ResolverRule
S3 Bucket
SNS Topic
SQS Queue
SSM Document
SSM MaintenanceWindow
SSM Parameter
SSM PatchBaseline
SageMaker Endpoint
SageMaker EndpointConfig
SageMaker Model
SageMaker NotebookInstance
SageMaker Workteam
SecretsManager Secret
SecurityHub Hub
ServiceCatalog CloudFormationProduct
ServiceCatalog CloudFormationProvisionedProduct
ServiceCatalog Portfolio
StepFunctions Activity
StepFunctions StateMachine
Transfer Server
Transfer User
WorkSpaces Workspace


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